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Tag: Emergency and Disaster

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Transport and logistic havoc in Bogia District

The following information (Ref no. MSW_12/2018-11S) was received and entered into the system: Rain causing hardship for people of Mikarop and Tangu, Nubia Bris to Ramu base camp: the roads have deteriorated and are inaccessible for trucks. Broken roads, trees fallen across the road, land slides have been neglected over time.People are carrying cargo and walking on foot long distances […]

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SITREP: #Manam 2020

The following information (Ref no. MSW_12/2018-9S) was received and entered into the system: #manam2020 Help save Manam islanders campaign. Over 20,000 islanders displaced and settling in care centers. Concerns have been raised about the status of the displaced Manam islanders living in care centers since the island evacuation exercise 14 years ago. This concerns were raised in light of the […]