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Why Support SMS 511 Alerts?

Safety and Security at the end of day is what we want to achieve for everyone in Madang Province.  With the increase in murder and attempted murder, assault, robbery and attacks on policemen – fighting crime should be at the top of the Government’s agenda.

The success of using SMS 511 Alerts for tip-offs about a crime that has taken place is thanks to the fact that nearly everyone has a phone and is able to use SMS. People can send a tip-off immediately and discreetly when they witness a crime, wherever they are, and remain anonymous.

Madang Security Watch is a Civil Defense initiative to help Police and Security firms in Madang to report and reduce crime as much as possible. But with the limited resources to our Police and Correctional Services, we are accustomed to help ourselves to make a difference.

With SMS 511 Alerts we can distribute information to over 1000 subscribers.

Why Donate to Madang Security Watch?

From a National perspective we would love to be able to provide more resources for our members. For these resources we need money as well as time in order to make that happen.


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Your kind donation will help us support these operations:

Police Crime Alerts

Public Safety Alerts

Maritime Safety Alerts

Highway Emergency Alerts

Earthquake, Tsunami and Volcano Alerts


Get in touch with us if you are from the police, government, a Neighborhood Watch Association or if you are interested in sponsoring us.

Our Contact Details

Phone: +675 72248280
Kilakil Point, NCR, Madang

PO Box 35

Diwai Post Office, Madang

Madang Province, Papua New Guinea