What is Bulk SMS Solution?

Bulk SMS messaging is a form of mobile marketing that helps marketers and business owners engage customers and increase revenue. At its simplest, it sends out a single message to a list of mobile phone numbers; however, there are a range of options available that make the service a hugely powerful marketing and communication tool.

Why Choose Bulk SMS Solution?

BULK SMS messaging is cheaper then standard SMS rates. See our pricing.  It is the newest form of advertising used by companies to brand and promote their products and services to existing or potential customers via mobile phone. SMS has become an effective alternative to traditional sources of advertising due to the high level of mobile phone ownership in Papua New Guinea.

How effective is Bulk SMS Solution?

Very effective. Just to give you an idea, the use of bulk text messaging instead of paper letters will save you a huge amount of money since you do not have to print advertisements or photocopy bulk pages for your customers or clients or school parents.

How many messages can be sent with Bulk SMS Solutions? 

With text messaging you can reach as many as 1000+ people at any given time and get a faster response.  There is no better strategy than going exactly where people spend their time; the mobile phones. One bang or touch screen makes no difference. The message gets delivered. We send delivery reports to our clients weekly so you can track your credit spending.

Which organisations use Bulk SMS Solution?

Ideal for Sports clubs, Associations, Schools and Small Medium Enterprises. Any industry can use it. Our Bulk SMS Platform allows our customers to send out a single message to reach multiple mobile phones anywhere in Papua New Guinea with a single click. Take advantage of SMS gateway features like Unique Sender ID and short-code.

How to report an incident?

If you have an important announcement or a situation that you want to alert the community about then fill out form16 and submit it to us.

How to report by text message?:

You can text your incident reports to: +675 7224 8280 or +675 7599 7793. Any private Information received is confidential and will not be released. We will contact the appropriate authorities, media or persons to attend to your incident report.

How to report by email?

You can send any images or videos as an email attachment: Email your report to alerts@sms511.com

How to find names of Madang Ward areas and village names?

Here is a list of names for Momase ward areas, village names and ward numbers: List

How to opt-in for Alert Programs?

Free registration for Mobile subscribers to receive SMS 511 Alerts. Text Join 1549 to 44 75374143 85 or just click here to opt-in online and enter your mobile number like this example: 67571239876

How to stop SMS 511 Alerts from sending to phone?

To opt-out just text STOP to 44 75374341 85 or text STOP to 72248280. Contact SMS 511 Alert Support

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