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Highway Alert (MSW_1/2020-10S)

Please observe the security status for the respective location until further notice: Yellow Alert (Maintain Situational Awareness) Category: Highway Alert Status (Contact MSW for an update): Updated Location: Okuk Highway Goroka EHP Information Received: 12/01/20 at 1400hrs, highlands highway is open again to traffic. A culvert between 5mile and Kabieufua at Goroka Eastern Highlands that was washed away three days […]

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Madang’s new Highway a Solution to Logistics

It has taken the Government three years and had long thought of creating another route and the Usino-Yale Road was identified. The Usino-Yal Road will run through the government station and link the Yal area in Transgogol in Madang district. It is a shorter in distance, flat and would be more efficient for PMVs and passengers to use then the Madang-Usino Highway which is mountainous and always having erosion and cracks which caused difficulties for PNG highway travellers and drivers. Even criminals had been taking advantage of the situation and held up vehicles, robbed and even killed passengers.

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Bridge upgrade Works on Madang-Ramu highway

The following information (Ref no. MSW_12/2018-13S) was received and entered into the system: Work on Banab bridge construction is progressing. JV PNG Construction engaged for the work hopes to complete it quickly so that people can use it. Works Secretary David Wereh during a visit to Madang in June said most bridges along the Madang-Lae Highway needed maintenance. Others need […]

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Transport and logistic havoc in Bogia District

The following information (Ref no. MSW_12/2018-11S) was received and entered into the system: Rain causing hardship for people of Mikarop and Tangu, Nubia Bris to Ramu base camp: the roads have deteriorated and are inaccessible for trucks. Broken roads, trees fallen across the road, land slides have been neglected over time.People are carrying cargo and walking on foot long distances […]