Madang Security Watch Notification (MSW_1/2020-6S)

Please observe the security status for the respective location until further notice: Yellow Alert (Maintain Situational Awareness)

Category: Highway Alert

Status (Contact MSW for an update): Updated

Location: Okuk Highway Goroka EHP

Information Received: Madang could become a transit town or bypass for the highlands route 100. It has been advised that the Okuk Highway is completely cut off at 5mile outside Goroka, Eastern Highlands of PNG.

A culvert between 5mile and Kabieufua has been completely washed away by flash-flood that broke through a man made dam. The situation calls for a state of emergency preparedness for the highlands depending on the highway for logistics transportation. An alternative route will be to take the Jimmy valley road Baiyer-Madang National Highlands Highway as an alternative road which was built by PNG Defense force that was successfully completed in 2015. People of Enga and Western Highland can easily access these new roads. #sms511 #MSW21

Alert Reference No. : (MSW_1/2020-6S)

Time: January 10, 2020 at 10:46 am

Contact Form URL:

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