Madang Security Notification (MSW_1/2020-4S)

The following information was received and entered into the system: Yellow Alert (Maintain Situational Awareness)

Category: Other

Notification type: Public Announcements

Location: Madang roads

Date / Time: 07/01/20 at 0704hrs

What happened: MSW Update: Continuous rainfall in Madang has affected road conditions both in Madang Urban and the highway to Lae. Sections of the highway at Usino have broken and/or developed cavities pose hidden hazards to drivers. Uneven road conditions in town deteriorated by the constant pounding from peak traffic and wet conditions on the Modilon Road is stressful and creates disorganized traffic flow which is becoming risky for drivers approaching from the opposite direction. Noteworthy is the Slipway stretch to the Andersons Supermarket and Madang Port. Best driving advice is to drive safely by going slow. The most obvious advice when driving in bad weather or bad road conditions is to slow down.

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