NMSA Alert #1907-001

The following information was received and entered into the system by: NMSA Alert #1907-001

Category: Maritime Alert

Notification type: Emergency and Disaster

Location: Madang

Date / Time: 18/07/19 1230hrs

What happened: This urgent message from the National Maritime Safety Authority. So far this month (JULY 2019), there are 20 people missing at sea. Don’t be the next one. Don’t go out in bad weather. Don’t go out overloaded.

Email: alerts

Contact number: 72248280

You can support Public Safety Alerts by purchasing any items you see advertised on this site. 5% of our sales helps pay for online credits and internet data rates to distribute Public Safety text messages to our subscribed mobile numbers. #Shop25upport and Keeps us online 24/7. So far we have collected K2728 which is being reserved for Emergency and Disaster Alerts.

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