Why order in Bulk?

untitledSmart Mobile Solutions Madang advertises and orders Mobile phone, laptops and tablet through dropshipping method. The price of items you see advertised on our website does not include freight costs and other KKKLLLKK fees.

What is Dropshiping?

Dropshipping is a different strategy for eCommerce. Retailers don’t actually maintain inventory for the product or products that they’re selling. Instead, the dropship model means the retailer passes incoming orders to a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor to fulfil the order and ship it to the customer.
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Just to give an idea of what kind fees that will add up to the total cost of an item are listed below:

  1. Freight Cost

    – This depends on the weight and size of the item. We are using express freight so that items are securely tracked. The carrier is normally DHL…I know its expensive but the point is to purchase bulk so that we get more for less and the cost of freight is justified.

  2. Transaction Fee

    – Online payments are done by Visa direct to the supplier. There is a small fee that is processed for the transaction. This depends on the amount being processed.

  3. Customs Clearance Fee

    – These are government import taxes, commissions and insurance that we have to pay depending on what the item is, where it is being imported from and the quantity and the Trade agreement or International Commercial Terms. Bai yu less ya mi tok.

  4. Retail Mark-up

    – This is basically profits. This ranges from 1% to 100%. We want to encourage local bulk order so our retail price are set at a lower mark. That way if you want to resell you have room to place your mark-up. Get in touch with our team for a business opportunity. Email us for a quotation

For example:

You see an item and the price is K3.15 – 25.32.  The MOQ or minimum order quantity is 10 pieces.

If you decide to buy a single item, the freight and all the other fees added up will look something like this:

eg. you see a solar light that costs K25.32

25.32 x 1 Item

= 25.32 + 15.00 Markup

40.32 + 70.00 Freight

=110.32 + ??.?? Customs


You’ll end up paying more than you bargained for.

That’s why Bulk order is the way to go. So if you see an item that you like, it is better to find maybe, say 9 more other people who would like to pay for that same item and we can order the MOQ or Minimum Order Quantity that is available at a more reduced price so we just have to worry about Express and Customs.

Our sales team are very good at negotiating online. The good thing about these Eastern Suppliers is that they want to sell their products and are willing to negotiate a good price. Our main constraint at getting a reasonable price is those KKKKLLLK Fees that I mentioned.

See something you like?

Request a Quotation for a bulk order:

Request a Quotation

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11th Anniversary, Up to 40% OFF.

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