Madang’s new Highway a Solution to Logistics

The new 32km Usino-Yal Highway would be a solution to logistics supply to Madang and an alternate route for people travelling between Madang, Lae and the Highlands. This announcement comes after Usino-Bundi MP Hon. Jimmy Uguro secured K10 million for the road construction after consultations with Department of National Planning and Monitoring for funding assistance to construct the road. Mr. Uguro also said the Mineral Resource Authority (MRA) had given him assurance of assisting with road construction.

Ramu Nickel would be asked to use a shorter 8km route to transport its chromite to Madang sea port since Ramu Nickel was transporting its chromite out of Lae due to bad road conditions on the Madang-Usino highway. Likewise, the potential to raise more internal revenue by using Madang port to ship out sugar, oil palm, beef and chromite would improve the economy in Madang.

It has taken the Government three years and had long thought of creating another route and the Usino-Yale Road was identified. The Usino-Yal Road will run through the government station and link the Yal area in Transgogol in Madang district.  It is a shorter in distance, flat and would be more efficient for PMVs and passengers to use then the Madang-Usino Highway which is mountainous and always having erosion and cracks which caused difficulties for PNG highway travellers and drivers.  Even criminals had been taking advantage of the situation and held up vehicles, robbed and even killed passengers.

WORK will begin next week on construction of the Usino-Yale Road as an alternate route to the Ramu Highway. The contract to work on the new road had been awarded to JV PNG Investment.

The highway upgrade will improve export of Chromite out of Madang. Mr. Uguro said the Government wanted all Ramu Nickel chromite that was transported to Usino and Lae for export to be shipped out of Madang sea port.

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