Cyclone Oma Update and the effects on PNG Emergency and Disaster

Cyclone Oma update: Tropical cyclone has down-graded to Category 1 and moving South-East away from Queensland. Meanwhile back home at Raicoast, Finschhaven and it’s neighbouring islands of Tuam and Malai in Tewai-Siasi district and Tami island have been suffering from the onslaught of sea spray on garden crops and increase in sea level. Boats that are the only means of transportation to the mainland have been grounded due to rough sea conditions. Morobe Provincial Emergency and Disaster office have dispatched an assessment team to collect data and speak with the leaders and councilors who are demanding assistance from their respective District Development Authorities.

Rai coast MP Peter Sapia and Madang disaster office director Rudolph Mongalee has reported that heavy rain fall have affected the people living in the Finisterre mountain range who have been subject to landslides from soil erosion. Two men were burried alive last week and could not be rescued. Keep watching for more updates. Register your mobile number for SMS updates. Text Join 511Alert to 72248280. #sms511

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