Arrested for Murder

Date: Mon., 28 Jan. 2019, 16:32
Subject: CID-N Reporting #sms011923
Category: Community Alert
Notification type: Current Affairs
Location: Raicoast, Madang, AN accused sorcery suspect in Raicoast, Madang was murdered and buried in the sand near the Raicoast High School and discovered 17 day later, police said.

He was Aisaro Mage, 25, from a village near Raicoast High.
Police said he was called out of his house by two friends and killed.

Two people admitted to police that they killed and buried him on the sand near the school. Both have been charged with murder.

First Constable George Gesip, based at the Basamuk police post, had taken the suspects in for questioning and then charged them.

Gesip said people had accused him of killing many people through sorcery.

The National

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