Blood Moon Warning


A MAJOR earthquake warning has been issued to prepare for a potentially huge tremor. Dubbed the Blood Moon Warning, a full moon or Lunar eclipse will trigger a devastating earthquake.

This is because the moon, which is closer in orbit to Earth than usual, and our planet is in line with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and the sun. All of the celestial bodies are having a gravitational tug-of-war on Earth, which will cause major seismic unrest, according to the claims leading one forecaster to predict that it will cause quake havoc in the coming days.

Register for earthquake and tsunami alerts from sms511: Text your name and location to Madwatch Alerts 7224 8280

All names and mobile numbers are kept confidential and only used for distribution of bulk alert notifications and Google Public Alerts.

A register of your mobile IMEI number is kept for your convenience should you lose your phone or if it is stolen. With your consent we can ask the telecommunications company to kill the device making it unusable or remotely lock it or delete all files storedĀ in theĀ internal memory using Google Device finder. Unfortunately, we do not have control of external memory cards if it gets in the hands of mobile phone thieves.

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