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Notification type: Current Affairs

Date and time: 22 January 2019

Location: Madang Province


MEMBER for Madang Bryan Kramer has voiced his disappointment in the recent decision to enact a four year liquor ban in Madang.

Speaking on the matter this week, the outspoken Opposition man said that while he did not want to be seen to be stirring up dissension within the ranks of the Madang provincial leadership, he felt the decision made without prior consultation with him was somewhat hasty and ill-advised.

Mr Kramer was of course referring to Madang Governor Peter Yama’s announcement late last year that the Madang Provincial Executive Council had passed a resolution to impose a four year liquor ban in the province from December 25 2018 until the same date in 2022.

The Madang MP said that in his experience with youth, particularly living in Madang, liquor bans only act to increase the use of illegal substances and alternative intoxicants like homebrew and steam.

“I have spent twenty years of my life being involved with communities in both Urban, semi-urban and rural communities tackling social issues, including time as a police reservist, so I can confirm that liquor bans achieve nothing but give rise to greater social problems,” said Mr Kramer.

Mr Kramer added that the reported reason given for the ban was, “to address the widespread social problems associated with alcohol consumption in the Province.”

He explained also that the Provincial Executive Council was made up of 9 Local Level Government Presidents appointed by the Governor, who chairs the PEC. Furthering that the Council committee was the executive arm of the Provincial Assembly and were made up of 19 LLG Presidents from the Province including Open Members of Parliament who were not Ministers.

In explaining this, Mr Kramer said he would have liked to have been informed and consulted about the liquor ban given the ramifications such a decision would have on his electorate for the next four years.

“I intend to take the issue up with the Governor as well as the Members of PEC to reconsider their decision. If no response is forth coming I will then raise it on the floor of Assembly, or as a last resort take it to Court,” added Mr Kramer.

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