Fighting in Wewak Town

CID-N Incident Report Ref. #sms011913s

Community Alert
Notification type: Safety and Security
Date and time: 21/01/19
Location: Wewak Town

(This is my report): 21/001/19 – Fighting in Wewak town between Yangoru and Sepik Plains (Torembi) people. The fight began yesterday when one youth reportedly from Torembi area killed another youth from Yangoru. The Yangorus people went to town by truck loads and randomly shot four innocent young men from other places (not Torembi) in Nuigo resulting in the victim’s wantoks from Sepik River and Plains in Nuigo rising to battle with the Yangoru people. All business operations and movement of the general public in Wewak is on hold. -SD, ESDF 2050

ESP Governor Alan Bird confirms 2 dead and 6 critically wounded. A report from PPC is that things are tense but calm. Police have managed to calm things down. They are talking to the leaders of both sides.

CID is working on the initial murder and are making progress in the investigation. They have identified the suspect. –AB, ESDF 2050

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