Route 100 Toksave #1901-009: EHP Highway at Dunantina area

The following information (Ref. #sms011909s) was received and entered into the system:

Dunantina area EHP:  12/12/18, 12:01pm: MORE than 30,000 people in the Dunantina area of Eastern Highlands Province now have access to a new road.

Situated in the Henganofi district, the people from the area thanked and agreed on Monday at Kemanave village, in front of their local MP Robert Atiyafa, to make way for the new road.

The road, which turns in from Dirty Wara along the Highlands Highway past Goroka, will benefit the people of Dunantina local level government, especially Kemanave, Kepri, Kesiwaka, Kenamote, Dunpu and nearby villages.

The road stretches 70 kilometres and also acts as an optional bypass for the Highlands Highway when it reaches Ramu Valley.
More than 10km of the road had been upgraded and widened.
Former Henganofi district LLG president Okike Bao said the people are happy that the road will now link many inaccessible villages.

He added that it would also open up economic activities for them.
Mr Atiyafa thanked the people of Dunantina, especially the communities in front of the road, for allowing the road construction to continue without disturbance.
Mr Atiyafa told the people that his government was assisting those affected by the construction and would continue to assist as the road construction progressed.

“This road will benefit us, the people of Dunantina, and I urge you all to support and cooperate with the district engineering division personnel who are constructing the road.



Location: Highlands Region

Category: Highway

Type: Public Announcement

Source: Reliable

Information: Confirmed

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