7 new steel bridges for Aitape Lumi district

The following information (Ref. #sms011908s) was received and entered into the system:

AITAPE: People in the South and West Wape local-level government area will now have a new road linking Serra Point to Lumi-Aitape district in West Sepik thanks to a logging company.

The locals will use seven new steel bridges courtesy of Malaysian Logging Company Samas PNG Ltd.

The 770km road project was launched by Aitape Lumi Consolidated FMA chairman Anderson Mise. Accompanying Mise were officials from PNG Forest Authority, Department of Works, developer Samas PNG Ltd and LLG presidents.

Mise said the reason he brought the delegation to the remote location was for them to take the message back that the people of South West Wape and ILG chairmen were in full support of the developer and no other paper company from Port Moresby.

He said they did not want any disturbance on the progress of development in the area.
He said told the people not to disturb the operator as they had brought service as the road would reach Lumi station by the end of next month.

South and West Wape LLG area is in the Aitape Lumi district with more than 6000 people have not had access to services since independence.


Location: Momase Region

Category: Highway

Type: Public Announcement

Source: Reliable

Information: Confirmed

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