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SMS 511 Alerts

Business Location

Alexishafen, North Coast Road, Madang, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea

Business Registration Details
IPA Registered Business Name:   SMS 511 Alerts
IPA Registration Number:            6-245611
IRC Tax Identification Number: XXXXXXXXXXOur Vision

Enhancing public safety and information distribution with innovative wireless technology:

Bulk Text Messaging Portable Communications Cloud Based Computing

Short Message Service for Community Information & Distribution Network, SME business advertising and marketing, Group Announcements, School     Announcements, voting, Highway alerts, Maritime Safety Warnings, Distress Signalling and more…

Portable VSAT, GPS devices, radios and wireless solutions for internet access in the home, business, transport, maritime and rugged remote locations. Cloud hosting CC-TV, Webcams, IP-Cameras and GSM Cameras. Live viewing and tracking solutions for Highway buses, PMVs, Vehicle fleets, vessel fleet, business premises, streets, public places and homes.
About Us

SMS 511 Alerts has been Madang’s best kept secret since 2001. A Madang based business that is focused on delivering Smart Mobile Solutions.


Our business is built upon word of mouth recommendations and it is an honor to be recognized by our clients.  Originally known as Zion-X Mobile Computing, its founders first began using SMS in 2005 to broadcast marketing advertisements to customers but soon realized the service had broader applications for Security and Public Safety communication.


The business has now expanded into a communication hub using various online platforms with a head office in Madang, and operations in Lae and Porgera.


We are the preferred choice for small to medium business but also provide solutions to large organizations, schools, churches and individuals looking for ways to connect better with the people that matter most.

Our Strategy


At SMS 511 we take a community approach to using available technology and provide a portable, reliable, high quality and affordable mobile solutions for public safety and disaster preparedness.



Our Values

Our values are just as simple as A-B-C:

Appreciate the value of life and the people that matter most.





Believe that nothing is impossible and tomorrow brings opportunity.



Commit talent and innovation into sustainable, portable and practical solutions.


Contact Details
Postal Address:

PO Box 35

Diwai Post Office

Madang 512

Madang Province

Papua New Guinea

Mobile numbers:

+675 7224 8280

+675 7599 7793



Public Safety updates about community, crime tips, emergencies and natural disaster.

General Information about our website content.

Sales and marketing enquiries about products and services.


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Business Activities
We provide wireless solutions for:

Public Safety and Security

Law enforcement

Emergency & Disaster Preparedness

Search & Rescue

Maritime Safety

Rugged Outdoors

Fleet monitoring

Hotels and Accommodation



Our Services include:

Drop Shipping Services

Project Management

Monthly Serviceability Checks

Cloud Computing Services

Digital Multimedia broadcast

Website Development

Equipment Registration

Documentation and Commissioning

eLearning Courses

24/7 online watch

We supply and distribute:

Mobile Phones



LCD / Plasma TVs

Portable VSAT

Wi-Fi Antennas / Routers

CC-TV equipment

Satellite TV equipment

GPS equipment

Electronic gadgets & accessories

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